Generic Priligy

Generic Priligy

Want to save money on Priligy Pills? With Generic Priligy you save 100s of Dollars on your Priligy using generic drugs, with the same amount of Dapoxetine.

Priligy vs Generic Priligy

You might wonder what is the difference between Priligy vs Generic Priligy as the price difference is so big! Compare the 25 usd per tablet at your local pharmacist compared to generic priligy at an online pharmacy for 2 USD per tablet.

The funny thing here, there is NO difference at all, except the price and pharmaceutical producer. This is valid for all generic drugs.  Where the brand version of Priligy is produced by Janssen Pharmaceuticals as they originally held the patent on the medication, however after that expired other pharmaceutical companies can now also produce and market the exact same medication, but then for a fraction of the price.

Generic Priligy Price

The price of Generic Priligy various widely among the market. That’s why we researched the market for your for many years and we ourselves now use the trusted medstore called “Pharmacy XL” for our sexual health drugs including Priligy.

The price varies from 3 – 1.7 USD per tablet, depending on the amount of Priligy Pills you order, and all come with free global shipping.