How to Delay your Ejaculation?

Want to know How to Delay your Ejaculation? At this blog post we will give you 3 Tips how to guaranteed delay ejaculation when you have sex…

To delay ejaculation is a must, when you want to have good sex! Let’s be honest there is almost nothing more disappointing than getting a cumshot or ejaculation of sperm after 5 minutes of sex, when you and you sex-partner just getting ready for long and passionate sex. Fortunately in the 21st century there are several ways how to tackle premature ejaculation and we are about to discuss the best 3 ways!

delay ejaculation
Delay Ejaculation

Best ways to delay ejaculation

There are basically 3 main ways how to delay your orgasm. Let’s sum them up and discuss them all 3 in-depth.

  1. Delay your ejaculation with special creams
    This is probably the easiest way how to delay your ejaculation. Like normally you get an orgasm by stimulating the penis or pussy. You can delay this by making your intimate organs less sensitive, so your orgasm will be delayed. Creams which we have good experience with are:

  2. Delay your ejaculation with pills
    Of course creams are a good way to delay ejaculation, however you always need to put the cream or your penis and it can be embarrising. Some people like ourselves prefer pills or use both! The following PE pills can delay your orgasm guaranteed!

    Priligy ( Dapoxetine )
    Levitra with Dapoxetine
    – There also dual action pills, which treat both Erectile Dysfunction AND Premature Ejaculation.
  3. Delay ejaculation to think about something else
    If you don’t want to follow our advice to use creams and pills, than there is only 1 solution! When you have sex with your love-one, then think about something very unpleasant like your mother in law, when you go to toilet, about a homeless, something you dislike very much. Or think how the sex is not nice and you don’t like your sexpartner. Yes we don’t prefer this, as we think sex is wonderful and especially when you have sex you should feel love and adoration to your sexpartner, but if you don’t want to use delay ejaculation creams OR premature ejaculation pills then this is perhaps the solution for you! 🙂 And we know for sure after you tried it, you will change your opinion and use our preferred option 1 and options 2.


The best 2 ways to delay your ejaculation (orgasm) are pills and creams. If you order them online at an online drugstore you will be able to purchase them for a cheap price and will never have a quick orgasm anymore when having sex.